Nearly Four Decades Serving Our Clients

StratComm meetingWith roots in the publishing industry, StratComm has grown and evolved considerably in the nearly four decades we have been in business.

The president and CEO of StratComm, Bob George, founded the company in 1978 as a traditional book publishing company following his tour in Vietnam as a Marine Corps pilot.

Early in our company’s history we published several successful nonfiction books, with a focus on history and the military, partnering with such companies as National Geographic and Time-Life Books. We also did a lot of work with marketing collateral, periodicals, and other types of publishing work for our clients, many of which were Fortune 500 companies.

As the Internet and social media came into prominence, traditional publishing work dissipated, and we began to develop other areas of expertise. One of our strengths has always been our ability to assemble good teams for our projects and manage them efficiently, so it was a natural progression for our company to branch out into challenging new areas.

Today we manage projects and develop content for federal agencies as well as private sector companies. We handle large, complex programs and logistics, create cutting-edge websites and mobile apps, and create and manage high quality, professional content.

Project management and content development is our focus now, but at our core we are communications experts—we haven’t forgotten where we came from.