Providing accessible documents for all

Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act states that federal agencies are required to make their public documents and websites accessible to people with disabilities, comparable to access available to others. StratComm is prepared to meet the increasing demand for documents and websites to be 508 compliant.

As a leader in content development, web development, and project management for federal agencies, StratComm has expertise in creating documents and websites to be 508 compliant. In addition, we provide remediation of existing PDFs to be 508 compliant, as the PDF format is one that many federal government agencies use for their public facing documents.

StratComm has substantial experience providing 508 compliance support services for a wide variety of publishing media, and have experience working with federal agency 508 offices in the development of new and emerging web‐based technologies. Factors that we consider in creating and remediating 508 compliant documents include the source file, document complexity (footnotes, tables/figures, design elements), fonts, page layout, and platform (Mac/PC).

Increasingly, websites, content management systems, and other digital platforms are required to be 508 compliant. As an example of our work on this front, our VA IT Campus platform for the Department of Veterans Affairs received a 99% approval rating and praise from both the VHA 508 Office and the SSB BART contractor providing 508 standards oversight.

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