Efficiently managing a complex program across multiple states

StratComm manages the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Verbatim Hearing Court Recorder program for the New England region. We oversee all hiring, training, scheduling, and communications for the more than 60 court recorders working across 6 states.

The New England region encompasses 8 primary hearing offices and 10 remote sites. Our management team recruits, hires, trains, and schedules qualified VHRs to attend disability appeal hearings before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). VHRs record and electronically document each of the 25,000-plus annual hearings so that the SSA can maintain accurate records of the proceedings.

In our management of the VHR program, we have introduced efficiencies and facilitated communications between SSA and the VHRs, coordinating the program under one management umbrella and earning praise from SSA for our administration of the program.

VHR Training

StratComm’s VHR training is comprehensive, drawing from our experience producing training modules for VA IT Campus, as well as our web-based skills testing program currently used by U.S. Embassies around the world. Beginning with general and site-specific ODAR policies and procedures as our candidates undergo the suitability process, our team also provides custom training modules on the functionality and features of digital recording hardware and software based on knowledge and experience gained while administering the SSA program in Region 1.

StratComm has recently been awarded a second contract to support SSA’s VHR program across a sizeable number of offices in Region 2, including New York and New Jersey.

Whether you have prior experience or not, to learn more about our VHR program, please call our recruiting office at 508-906-2012. We look forward to hearing from you.