Managing more than 1,200 VHR team members nationwide

StratComm is contracted to manage the Social Security Administration’s (SSA’s) Verbatim Hearing Court Recorder program for hearing locations nationwide. We oversee all contractor hiring, scheduling, and communications for more than 1,200 Verbatim Hearing Recorders (VHRs) across the entire continental U.S.

Our qualified VHRs attend disability appeal hearings before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and record and electronically document each of the hundreds of thousands of annual hearings so that SSA can maintain accurate records of the proceedings.

In our management of the VHR program, we have introduced efficiencies and facilitated communications between SSA and the VHRs, coordinating the program under one management umbrella and earning praise from SSA for our administration of the program.

StratComm has immediate openings for VHR positions nationwide. Apply today!

VHR Orientation

Our contractor candidates begin their orientation by receiving both general and site-specific policies and procedures. Next, they undergo the suitability process (a background check) as mandated by SSA; our experienced administrative team walks each candidate through this process. Finally, StratComm schedules on-the-job shadowing with an experienced VHR who will review the digital recording hardware and software, and key aspects of the job before VHRs service their first hearing.