Taking online training to the next level

At StratComm we are utilizing our proficiency in areas such as content development, web development, and graphic design, and taken it to the next level in virtual training design and development. As government agencies and companies around the world are starting to use this online technology more and more in an effort to save time and costs, web-based virtual training is the new frontier in corporate education, and StratComm is at the forefront.

We have developed the highly successful and popular VA IT Campus, a multimillion dollar program for the Department of Veterans Affairs information technology department. This online platform grants the VA IT staff access to live training sessions, to interact with instructors and other students in real time, participate in meetings, and access recorded presentations, all from their computer or mobile device, wherever they have an Internet connection. Social media features allow learners to connect directly with their colleagues around the world and share information and ideas, which greatly enhances the learning experience.

Our web designers and developers create user-friendly, eye-catching backdrops for the virtual environments, and we have a team of content developers supported by subject matter experts to create training content covering a broad range of topics. Whether your needs are on the back end, front end, or both, and whatever your budget may be, StratComm will create a solution that will yield positive results for your organization.