Managing staff in local, national, and international locations

secondary school textbook handover eventAt StratComm, we believe that a team is only as good as the people behind it. As a specialist in management of personnel locally, nationally, and internationally, we stop at nothing to recruit, hire, and support the very best teams of personnel so that they can excel in their jobs.

With a growing staff at our offices outside Boston and in Washington D.C., as well as court recorder staff who work remotely across the United States and staff who implement international development initiatives overseas, we are skilled at balancing workloads, assigning tasks, and managing schedules both at home and afield.

We continually evaluate and analyze personnel requirements to determine if job skills are matching up with job descriptions, utilizing our expertise in web-based skills testing. We anticipate impending job needs and plan strategically for recruiting and hiring personnel. We’ve developed a comprehensive interviewing and orientation process for prospective employees that allows us to focus on personnel administration and help determine and manage wages. Through the use of set procedures, effective communication, and working closely with our employees, we strive to constantly strengthen labor relations and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Using these techniques, we are able to select the right people for any job requirement, and it shows with our consistent success in the field, allowing us to focus on increased production while satisfying our employees and providing the very best support for our clients.