Creating cutting-edge web and mobile products and strategies

close up of someone sketching mobile wireframes

StratComm’s web and mobile app development team are experts in standards-compliant HTML5, PHP, CSS3, and 508- and ADA-compliant design. Supporting our development of communications strategies, we provide custom software development; responsive website and app design, development, and maintenance; social media engagement; and cutting-edge technology solutions for mobile devices such as GPS employee punch location tracking.

We use the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) five-phase project approach to software and app development:

Envision. Develop a clear understanding of what is needed within project constraints and assemble the optimal team that will best meet those needs.

Plan. Evolve the proposed solution into tangible designs, and define deliverables.

Build. Develop the various pieces of solution in accordance with deliverables, done in stretches of various lengths of time, depending on the project and its requirements.

Stabilize. Continually improve solution quality in order to meet release criteria for deployment, and validate solution usability and that it meets stakeholder needs and expectations.

Deploy. Integrate solution into production within designated environments and transfer responsibility from project team to operations and support teams.