Working with Governments to Build Capacity

StratComm supports the creation of sustainable institutions that promote better lives in communities around the world. We facilitate progress in participatory democratic decision making, civil society, good governance, community health, education, rule of law, environmental responsibility, gender equality, and education.

At StratComm we believe that effective solutions are the result of win-win partnerships and collaboration between communities, governments, and the private sector. Our approach focuses on training and skill development supported by state-of-the-art technology and tested, established methodology.

StratComm is a proven leader, supporting our partners and yielding positive, tangible results in some of the most complex country environments. We are a “can do” company when it comes to navigating regulations, finding the right in-country partners, and conducting full audits and assessment of remote locations. StratComm deeply analyzes a given terrain, then provides teams of global experts to lead in-country community and government initiatives to execute humanitarian and conflict area logistics operations and project management through a worldwide network of vetted local nationals.