StratComm delivers high-quality print worldwide, on time and on spec

Our deeply experienced in-house team of print and logistics professionals thoroughly evaluate each requirement and engineer solid and guaranteed solutions that will achieve desired outcomes and solve challenges both seen and unforeseen. With an internationally recognized, substantial track record of excellence, we focus on exceeding expectations across all measurements of print production: quality, speed, communication, and commitment to our clients’ success.

Our detailed and comprehensive project evaluations enable us to understand precisely what is required—be it high-quality illustrated books for the National Geographic Society or printing and distributing millions of school books to developing countries worldwide for critical and time-sensitive projects for USAID and other federal agencies.

We integrate and synchronize with our established and outcome-driven network of print and logistics partners around the world to deliver superior print products precisely when needed—for each project, utilizing the most efficient equipment; directing paper selection and acquisition; and overseeing all production, packaging, and logistics, including customs brokerage, to optimize performance, quality, and timely delivery.

We provide color-critical, highly efficient, and state-of-the-art equipment, with technological and quality-control processes that ensure the print work is exceptional. You can feel extremely confident turning to StratComm for your printing and logistics requirements of any type, volume, complexity, and ultimate destination.

For specific examples of our printing and logistics capabilities, including clients’ reviews of our work worldwide, please see the case studies on our large-scale printing projects for  USAID Tanzania and USAID Indonesia.