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Skills Testing

Pre-Employment Skills Testing

We are StratComm, Inc., an award-winning U.S.-based federal government contractor and provider of the Pre-Employment Online Skills Testing (POST) program. POST is a simple, easy-to-use web-based job skills testing tool that provides immediate test scores and comprehensive reporting for a fraction of the cost and time involved in traditional paper-based testing. POST has already been used to test job applicants by U.S. embassies and consulates around the world, receiving excellent reviews.

Finding the Best Candidates, Faster

When hiring personnel at your post, each job announcement brings a flood of applicants who need to be evaluated on critical job skills. Until now, you have likely had to administer your skill testing using paper and pencils, filling up your filing cabinets with manually scored test sheets.

POST is completely web-based, providing instant access to our catalog of more than 650 tests, with the ability to create custom tests if any in the catalog don’t fit your requirements. You can quickly and easily select the tests you need, administer them online to job applicants, and receive instantaneous results, with all records stored securely in the POST system. With standardized scoring measures, each job candidate has a fair, equal chance to demonstrate their skills.

Let's get started

It’s easy to get started with POST—we will help to get you set up and testing quickly. Choose the subscription (below) that fits your needs and get immediate access to the tests that suit the skills of your open position. Save time and money by eliminating traditional test scoring that may lead to miscalculations, inaccurate results, and potential mistakes in hiring. Find the best candidate faster and easier with our program!

For more information about POST or for a demonstration of this powerful program’s capabilities, call or email program manager Kayla Foley at (508) 907-7000 x202 or kfoley@stratcomm.com.

Available Tests

Our standard tests cover a wide range of skill areas and are the perfect starting point for new users to the POST program. Subject-based tests cover hundreds of work skills, including soft skills, abilities, and aptitudes, as well as hard skills, from accounting principles to web development, and many others. Each of our job-based tests covers a comprehensive combination of skills needed for a specific job title.

Subject-Based Tests

POST’s standard, time-efficient assessments allow for a complete evaluation of a candidate’s skill level in a given area of expertise. These are off-the-shelf, single-subject tests with 40 questions each. The tests offer a quick-start solution for those looking to test on the fundamentals of a specific skill or industry.

Job-Based Tests

POST’s multi-subject job-based assessments allow for a complete evaluation of a candidate’s skills in all the areas of expertise needed for a specific job profile in the current employment market. These off-the-shelf, 40-question tests are designed to assess a candidate’s practical knowledge for a specific job title, from Customer Service Representative to Data Entry Operator or Office Manager. We offer the solution to getting you started on assessing candidates immediately.

See a complete list of subject-based and job-based tests:

Pricing Plans

Standard Tests
Custom Test Builder
Realistic Simulation Tests
Administrative Users
Customer Support
Custom Test Questions
Customized Branding
Personalized Emails

BASIC Subscription

Starting at $3,800 per year Includes up to 500 test credits


PREMIUM Subscription

Starting at $6,500 per year Includes up to 1000 test credits


Program Features

StratComm’s Online Pre-Employment Skills testing program gives you the ability to:

  • Standardize and streamline all employee testing
  • Eliminate scoring errors so that all applicants are scored equally
  • Customize test questions using the Editor* feature
  • Save on time and costs of paper and pencil testing
  • Access test scores and full testing reports immediately
  • Manage all applicants in one place
  • Access live and virtual training
  • Access quick and responsive technical support
  • Test candidates in person or virtually
  • Align English test scores with the Department of State’s scoring levels 1-5

*Editor is included in the Premium Subscription. It allows you to create and upload custom questions to test specific job skills and ultimately choose the most qualified employees.

Questions? Want to Sign Up? Contact Us Today!

Program Manager

Kayla Foley

(508) 907–7000 x202


Customer Support

PHONE (Monday–Friday)

(508) 907–7000

8:00 am–5:00 pm ET



24 hours a day/7 days a week

Response within 1 business day

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